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Today I wanted to expand a bit on a recurring theme that I often talk about: working as a team or building a team. I wanted to talk about my team a bit here. Even though I am the broker owner of Carbutti & Company Real Estate and I have a lot of independent agents, I do run my own team within the the brokerage.

Two of the most important positions on a real estate team are a full-time licensed transaction coordinator and also a full-time ISA (inside sales agent). Right now, I have a full-time ISA who only makes outbound phone calls every single day, and sets appointments and face-to-face meetings for my buyer agents or listing specialists.


We also have a full-time transaction coordinator, and his only role is to handle transactions from contract to close for our agents. I really can’t downplay the role of a transaction coordinator on a team. He frees up our agents’ time to sell more properties by really managing all of those non-dollar-producing activities, like writing addendums, negotiation of home inspections issues, extending mortgage commitments, extending closing dates, communicating with paralegals and getting contracts over to the attorney. And that’s just the beginning of what he does. All of these activities that take up an agent’s day really are distractions from doing what is most important - things we do that actually make us money. This includes feeding the front end, servicing clients, going on appointments, and preparing for listing appointments, among other things.

Whether your team consists of three people or 23 people, the ISA and the full-time transaction coordinator really are the two key hires for your real estate team. This is what will really propel you to the next level and let you have some explosive, exponential growth.

If you have any questions about setting up your team, or questions about how we set up our team, give me a call or shoot me a quick email. I’d love to get together and talk strategy and tactics.