How Daniel started in real estate and how our team is helping him.

Daniel Draffan is a recent college graduate from Hamden, Connecticut. As a newer agent, his initial expectations were much different than reality. He didn’t know that it would take time to develop the different skills he needed to be successful in the business. He also learned that, contrary to popular belief, real estate agents do not make thousands of dollars right from the get-go. 

Most of Daniel’s experience has come from hands-on learning. His first deal was great, but then he faced a slow period in the business for several months. Despite this, he continued to put in time and effort to find new clients.

Daniel learned that it takes time to build a successful real estate business. The first deal is crucial in providing momentum and attracting new business. He had a surge of new clients at the beginning of the year and quickly realized the importance of going with the flow and not trying to control everything at once.

“One of the biggest benefits of working at Carbutti & Co Realtors is the emphasis on culture.”

Daniel’s first closing is set to happen in a couple of days, and he hopes this will propel his business forward. He chose Carbutti & Co Realtors because of the team atmosphere and culture. The team is always willing to help and answer any questions, especially for newer agents like Daniel, who may have questions they haven’t encountered before.

One of the biggest benefits of working at Carbutti & Co Realtors is the emphasis on culture. The team provides support with advertising and marketing, which sets it apart from other teams and companies. This, along with the help of experienced team members, allows Daniel to stand out in the real estate industry.

If you have any questions for Daniel or about real estate, call or email us. We are always happy to help you.

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