One of our agents shows how our team separates itself from the competition.

Are you thinking about moving and want to work with the best real estate team possible? Whatever your situation is, you should know that we take pride in the service we provide to our clients, and it all starts with our incredible agents. To give you a better idea of what our team is like, today we’re sharing an interview with Storm Steinberg. 

Storm is a licensed real estate agent on our team, and he’s passionate about helping people. He was always interested in real estate, but that interest grew when he started working in construction. He enjoyed working with homes, but Storm always knew he wanted to move toward working directly with people. For him, the best way to do that was to become a real estate agent.

“Now Storm can focus on what he does best: Working with people.”

When Storm first started as an agent, he wanted to start with a large company. He figured they would have more resources to help him succeed, but that wasn’t the case; he was basically left to fend for himself. 

That’s when he found the Carbutti Team. He wanted to make 2023 his best year yet and knew that something needed to change. Once he sat down and talked to a member of our team about what we do for our clients, Storm immediately knew something was different. He’s no longer doing his own advertising, and he can focus on interacting with clients and adding value to their transactions. 

If you would like to work with an amazing agent like Storm, reach out to us. Also, if you think real estate might be the career for you, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We are always willing to help!