Here’s my advice for real estate agents who haven’t made videos.

I know some agents have been hesitant to implement video into their business strategy. If you’re one of them, my advice to you is simple—get over it. I never wanted to do videos either; I fought it at first but after implementing video, my business has increased threefold. Video is a necessary evil.

You don’t necessarily have to have a professional videographer and your video doesn’t have to be perfect. You can mess up sometimes; mistakes can make you come across as a genuine human. Plus, the more you shoot videos, the more comfortable you will get in front of the camera.

“Videos will increase your business.”

I think one of the most beneficial things about doing videos that I didn’t realize in the beginning was that people felt like they already knew me through my videos, and it feels good knowing that the stories I’ve told on video have helped others.

If you need any advice about shooting video, what camera to use, what equipment you need, or anything else, reach out to me at 203-980-6886 or email me at I’m always looking to help my fellow agents grow.

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