How my team and I turned things around to success in this difficult market.

Today, I’m here to speak to frustrated agents. No matter how long you’ve been in this industry, today’s market is challenging with the lack of inventory and an abundance of angry buyers. If you’re having trouble getting new listings, know you’re not alone. 

My team didn’t have the best first quarter, and I don’t think any team did this year. However, our second quarter is going to eclipse the first quarter because we’re getting back to the basics. This means getting back into direct mail marketing, which has truthfully brought us many seller appointments. We’re getting back to door knocking and getting out face to face with the consumers, running open houses, meeting sellers disguised as buyers, and meeting neighbors to see if any of them want to sell. These things have helped our team thrive. 

If you are a single agent or are thinking about getting into real estate, reach out because there’s power in working on a team. I would love to show you how to grow and leverage your business by working on a team. I can show you how you can sell more homes with less money out of your pocket. 

To find out more, call me at (203) 980-6886 or go to my website. I would be honored to help you during these difficult times.

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