Some really great real estate coaching is available for agents at every level of their careers. The key to getting the most from coaching is figuring out exactly where you are in your career and exactly where you want to be before committing to anyone.

The real estate coaching business is a billion-dollar industry and there are all types of coaches. There are so many different levels of great coaches as well, whether you’re a brand-new agent, an experienced agent stuck at a certain level of production, or you are selling 30 to 40 homes a year and you want to create your own team and leverage yourself to sell more than 100 homes a year.

I’ve coached with the “Red Hot Rookie” through Leader’s Edge, I’ve coached through Carla Cross and “On Track to Success in 30 Days System for Inexperienced Agents,” and I have all the CDs from Dirk Zeller’s Real Estate Champions. The list goes on and on.

Before you choose a coaching program, you need to figure out exactly where you are in your real estate career and what you want to accomplish. You can have a real estate coach or even a prospecting coach. A prospecting coach will teach you what to say, how to say it, and the language behind the sales.

The point is, before you jump in and commit to a six-month or one-year contract with a coach and pay out all this money, figure out exactly what you want to accomplish. I guarantee that if you figure out what your goals are, you can then find the right coach for you.


Sometimes paying a coach isn’t even the right answer. It could be a matter of finding the right real estate broker, team leader, or broker-mentor. I like to think of myself as a broker-mentor to my team.

If you’d like to sit down to talk about your goals and what the next level is for you, I’d be happy to sit down with you, because no one’s made more mistakes than I have! No one has spent more money on things that didn’t work and coaching that didn’t work than me.

It all starts with figuring out your goals, then figuring out your level of commitment to the coaching. If you don’t have that level of commitment to do everything your coach asks you to do in a timely manner, then I guarantee you that the coaching won’t work.

If this is a conversation you’d like to have, give me a call or shoot me an email today. I’d love to hear from you!