Listening to practical and motivating podcasts in the morning can make a difference. Here’s how.

I’ve been in real estate for 22 years, and recently, I’ve enjoyed getting back to the basics of it all; I’ve been starting my days by focusing on mindset. Motivational podcasts have been a huge part of my intellectual diet, and some really good ones include Brian Buffini’s podcast and a program titled Real Estate Success Calls. Both have so much to offer newer agents. 

“Mindset molds how the rest of your day will go.”

In the latter podcast, real-life agents talk about how they’ve been exactly where you are now in your real estate career and how they were able to take things to the next level—the methodology, the motivations, and every little thing in between. Just by getting your mind right in the morning by listening to these podcasts before starting your workday, you will see an exponential growth over time. Mindset molds how the rest of your day will go. 

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